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Re: Wilhel'm 6 color bombshell!(was Silver Inks for the 1200?)

Jan Faul <jfaul@dn.net> writes on 1 November 1999 at 17:14:09 -0500
 > CDTobie@aol.com wrote:
 > > 
 >  Lyson reformulated their light inks to attempt to improve this.
 > > I don't believe the new formulation has completed testing yet. 
 > 	Nothing gets to the market without first going by Henry. There is some
 > discussion that he will change testing methods, or that various
 > manufacturers like Lyson may get more in line with Kodak's criteria..

Maybe so, but things certainly seem to get into the market without
Henry's results being *published* somewhere.

 > 	Since Henry takes so long to complete his tests he will probably paint
 > himself into a corner and be replaced by an even more standard procedure
 > capable of being reproduced on machines around the world rather than
 > just in Iowa..

Sounds like he's overloaded, and probably starting to find the holes
in his procedures as the complexity of the things to be tested
increases.  I'd hate for him to crash and burn, it seems like he's
done a lot to raise awareness of archival issues in color
photography.  I'd also hate for the field to stagnate, of course. 
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