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Better technology than Espon (was Wilhelm's bombshell..)

<x-flowed>Jan Faul wrote:
>	All I want is for the prints being presently made to last until a
>better technology comes along in the next decade (at most). Anybody who
>thinks that Epson printing technology is going to rule the world for a
>decade has to be mistaken. Several manufacturers are working on or have
>worked on competing technology which is better than Epson's. Even Lyson
>and other ink makers know this, and are playing the present inkjet
>market for all it is worth.

The dye-sublimation prints made by the Alps 5000 should last about 
100 years, and at 2400 dpi the Alps may be considered by some to be 
better technology than Epson's.

HOWEVER, to get that quality and longevity, you must use only the 
Alps products, and then you are stuck with just one paper, one ink, 
one surface or finish and one weight of paper.  Epson's system allows 
for unlimited combinations.  It allows for truly individual 
expression, and that is much of what art is about.

Yes, I'd like it to last longer, but that will come.  And who ever 
said art had to last a certain length of time to be art (but hey, I'm 
getting off on another subject)?

    Royce Bair, Director
    The Stock Solution - "Inkjet Art Solutions" Division

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