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Re(2): 3000 repacement?"s

epson-inkjet@leben.com writes:
>	Not being a total idiot, I don't reveal my sources. If I did, next time
>I wanted information on anything, it wouldn't be there.
>	Of course the 3000 has been replaced. If it were still a prime Epson
>printer, they wouldn't be selling for $1200 and would still be priced at
> around $2000 like their replacements will be when they arrive in the

The 3000 was replaced long ago by the 5000÷replaced as the graphics arts
proofing printer. IF one wants a smaller dot size large format printer the
1200 already exists. So a true replacement for the 3000 (desktop, large
format, large tanks, four inks, durability _and_ 3 piciliter dot size)
would be aimed at a relatively small niche market [granted all of us would
buy one or two of them]; so one has to wonder if Epson is really
considering this move.


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