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Re: Wilhelm's bombshell

These results are very encouraging. The problem I have found with the
Lysonic E inks is their inability to reproduce true reds. I had Jon Cone
produce a custom Profile for the inks and his profile could not get the
reds where they had to be. The inks want to reproduce reds as an orange
rust color. This can be a real problem.

Jim Davis

Racetratr@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 11/1/99 8:24:28 AM, royce@tssphoto.com writes:
> << EPSON STYLUS 3000 PRINTER (4-ink Lysonic E Inks)
> Luminos Lumijet Premium DW Glossy (discon.)   >120 years
> Luminos Lumijet Premium Tapestry X (tentative)   >120 years
> Arches Cold Press Paper   50-55 years
> Somerset Velvet Paper   >25 years
> UltraStable Canvas (glossy)   >15 years
> Lysonic Standard Fine Art Paper   4-6 years
> Epson Photo Paper (1998 "Improved type)   4-5 years
>  >>
> Was there any mention of Waterford DI in the new figures? In previous
> testing, it has matched Arches Cold Press for permanence with various ink
> sets. I gather Waterford isn't a popular paper on this list, but it's what
> I'm using for all my artwork.....
> --David Stock
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