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RE: Wilhelm's 6 color bombshell! Epson folks (not Espon, not yet ink suppliers) printing take a torpedo...

Hi John et al:
I have spent a lot of time considering that move of yours for myself. Thank
you for being consistent and open about your experiences with it. Probably
also be nice to have some company doing it. I have a line of thought
regarding this I would appreciate exploring/ researching or speculating
about (speculating, that is something we here are really good at, even when
maybe we should not...) Anyway, the "exploration" is about the differences
inks experience and the implications of that chemically (most likely) in
thermal heads like HP, Iris (maybe wrong putting this here), and then the
piezzo (Epson of course) heads. Point in fact to look at: ON the Iris Lyson
E tested with Somerset Velvet to ~70yrs. ON the Epson it tested to 25 yrs,
only the "heads" are different. Also worth noting is that Lyson, and
(trickle down marketing now)many others, stated that "we" had every reason
to expect similar results with E and SV from the Iris - on the Epson. Well,
guess what, missed by a factor of 3. I guess I remind myself: if a someone
has a financial interest in what is said about a thing, then weigh very
carefully any thing said from that source about that thing. Lyson is the
source to the best of my remembrances that the E inks on SV predictably
would equal the 70+yrs as on the Iris. What else being said is way off?

> > Can you please clarify below about the Somerset Velvet at
> >25yrs. Is that
> > the result or is this test still continuing, thus 25 and growing for
> > predicted "life"?
> >
> > If that is the test results, all done, then, me thinks there is a lot of
> hot
> > air blowing around about inkset life's and wishing. I knew this, but did
> not
> > think it would soo far off, BTA, I think a lot of us are in that "boat".
> > This may hurt the Epson generated print market, as Iris and HP have, I
> > think, some of the colorspan too, have published results that
> are "good".
> > Hmmmm
> > Gary
> Gary and others:
> This is precisely why I have stayed the course on the Ilford Archiva Inks.
> The  thermal version (for use in 300 dpi Encads) has demostrated through
> Wilhelm's tests a 70-80 year life on Ilford Photogloss paper. Also reading
> between the lines, Colorspan's results are quite good using the
> Archiva inks
> in their 8 color Giclee maker.
> Four color printing is where it's at! The 900 prints such small dots, you
> don't need the Lc &Lm to smooth out the skin tones and sky colors.
> Pigmented inks may be the answer, but remember folks, the Generations inks
> have not had the blessing of Henry either!  Pigmented does not necessarily
> mean fade free!
> Maybe, Generations Lc & Lm and Archiva CMYK is the answer for 6-color
> Epsoneers looking for archival photographic color!
> John Nollendorfs

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