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Re: Lysonic B&W inks? = low gamut set

In a message dated 11/1/99 11:43:34 AM, tapo@mind.net writes:

>Lyson Fotonic Long-Life Inksets from Marrutt Digital
>Now available for Epson 1200, 900, EX, 750, 700, 740, 1520,850, 800, 3000,
>5000 and 9000. Now true photographic performance from your Epson inkjet
>printer. Durable surface finish makes for safer handling.
>Releasing End November
>Archival (100yrs+) monochrome tri-tone inkset for Epson 1200. Produces
>superb neutral/sepia/selenium hues with wide continuous tonal range from
>one combined inkset.
>Excellent ink economy. Durable surface finish.

Yup, this is the low gamut set I've ben frothing at the mouth over. They are 
going to be called the "Lyson SterlingSilver Hue-Controllable High Stability 
Digital Monochrome Inkset" Quite a mouthful, but the Sterlings show a lot of 
promise. I'll post more on them as further test prints can be made.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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