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RE: EZColor + Epson 1200 Photo Scanner

Ashley Gilbert wrote:

>Can anyone tell me if EZColor produces decent profiles? Since I am only
>doing this for my own amusement, I am not concerned about ultimate
>If EZColor can produce a profile that will make a step wedge print without
>too much of a colour cast, I will be happy.

I have used both Monaco EZColor and Praxisoft WYZIWIG to produce profiles
for an Epson 750 & 1200 (with Lino Ultra II scanner).  Both will produce
"good" profiles for printing in color (Epson OEM inks and paper or other
inks/paper) but not an accurate grayscale (to my standards, anyway) --
although in my experience the WYZIWIG produced a better grayscale.   The
WYZIWIG software is currently available only for the Mac platform but the PC
version is due out sometime this month.  Also, I believe there is a new
version of the EZColor due out within the same time frame.  BTW, WYZIWIG is
~ $80 USD. . .I'm waiting for the PC version ;)

William P. Garcia

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