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Re: Black blacker?

In a message dated 10/31/99 2:50:29 PM, Garnetta@Sullivan-Creative.com writes:

>I'm reproducing an artwork that has a lot of solid black in the background
>and I just can't seem to get my Epson 3000 to print any darker than about
>85% black. I'm using Lysonic E ink with Somerset velvet.
>I've upped the contrast a bit in photoshop and I've tried messing with
>transfer curves under the page setup, but I'm still not getting a 100%
>Is this something that's not possible with the Lysonic E inks?

Black is defined by the inks (Lyson E is not the darkest out there) and the 
paper (watercolors stock is famous for pale blacks, one of the reasons for 
the enhanced version) and the RIP or driver. The Epson drivers tend to limit 
the ink total, in order to get sharp text with only the black ink printing. 
RIPs on the other hand use PostScript and can define 100%K for text, and 
other black limits up to 400% total for other blacks.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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