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Best price

Does anyone have a recommendation re where to find the best price on an
Epson 1200?  I am trying to beat the $499 list, and, yes, I know about eBay,
but eBay's final auction prices too often approach the list price or worse.

Also, one place where I have seen a discount on that printer refers to it as
the "Epson Stylus 1200 PC."  Is that a version that runs only on a PC?  I'm
a Mac person.

One last question.  As an obvious novice in this area, I'm not sure whether
I need to add the postscript option.  I am planning to print from Freehand
and Illustrator as well as Photoshop and Painter.  Do I need to buy a RIP?
I'm planning on producing prints as gifts and for my personal pleasure.
Sorry if you're throwing up at my ignorance.


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