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Re: Refilling Epson 1200 ink Cartridges

    To:Bob Thompson

Since you are using one of those high vacuum kit here is a trick to check for 
leaks that take just a few seconds.

Put the cartridges under water and Inject just plain old air if you have a 
leak you will see bubbles hey it sure worked for me!

You still could have a air leak between the color wells ( this take a lot 
more setup to test for) but the odds of 2 cartridges having the same type of 
leak are like 0% so just try to fill both!

The high flow refill is a system of my own design I have been refining for 
about 2 years now.I had a few ( more than 2 companies) that were sort of 
interested but they all backed out. When like I asked for more than $10!! 
What fools! They want to spend like no more than $3 and they think they will 
get something that will really work?? I do not think so!!!

It is amazing the total lack of vision from the top of some ink supply firms.

My refill kit has saved me well over $15,000 if I had bought Epson inks! You 
bet I am a happy camper! But the cheap owners never realize that the value of 
a really good refill kit is much more than $3!

Guys if you are inventing anything never give up hey the Zerox CEO's gave 
away the "first windows" GUI to the Apple guys they were totally blind to 
what they had!
I really have refilled 100's of times and I get perfect photos ( big ones 13 
x 19 and larger) with no trace of banding!

I know the demand  for a really good refill kit ls there bigtime so hang in 
there!. I'm working on it!

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