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Re: using american inkjet inks to refill epson 3000 cartridges

    to:Paul Gotts  

In a message dated 99-10-31 20:06:20 EST, you wrote:

 I don't recall that  you use an epson 3000
 But,you do say you use american inkjet inks to refill with.
 How do they compare to Epson inks
 I am going to try some, do I have to change any of the settings
 I have used with the Epson inks.
 Is this ink compatible with the epson inks.
 I have a Epson 3000
 Will I need to flush out my system to use american inkjet inks
 or can I just refill my epson cartridges.
 Any advice would be greatly appreciated
 Paul Gotts >>

Well I have used this ink for a long time and it has never given me any 

the American ink jey guys really did a good job on the color as fasr as I am 

Go to WWW.amjet.com for  more information . Chris Crear is the guy to buy 
bulk ink from just go for the delux package : 1 quart of the 4 colors for 
less than $100!

As far refilling the 3000 it is dream comparied to the sponge cartridges from 
hell that Epson has put into the other printers!

You will see several posting this week from others who know a lot more than I 
do about refilling 3000 but trust me all you do is inject ink its just that 
easy the 3000 just has a ink bag ( bladder) no sponge.

The Amewrican ink Jet guys will be selling some 30 year Epson inks soon for 
the Epsons.

Please check out the web page they are telling it straight we will have a 
great ink source!

By the way these guys are like growing fast!

Why pay $8000 ( Ok for you 3000 guys maybe you pay "just $2,000" a gallon)  a 
gallon when you can get the same quality for less than $100 a gallon??


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