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Colour Problems -HELP!??!

I am new to the list.

I have an ongoing problem with Epson 700. I claim nil expertise with 
colour management. What I was able to download on Colorsync left me no 
wiser. After several days trying everything I could in the way of 
Colorsync settings, printer dialogue options etc I phoned Epson and Adobe.

Epson Helpdesk took me through various things then decided the Epson 
might be faulty. The 700 has been to them 3 times (!) for tests and now 
they say my problem is software related -the printer is fine. (!!) The 
local manager can't help me, apparently. Adobe instructed me to remove 
Photoshop from the Mac. That showed that the distinctly green cast is 
present no matter which application I print from.

I have been outputting a grey wedge with known percentages of grey. With 
all extensions disabled (except the Epson extension necessary for 
printing) the output always looks green.

My hope is to be able to get images from my Nikon LS2000 scanner into the 
Mac and out to the Epson without introducing colour casts. Ballpark 
accuracy would satisfy me. So far I have drunk lots of coffee but 
achieved little else. Help!

My setup:

Epson 700 
Mac (Umax 604e) using OS8.1
Nikon LS2000 scanner
Sony 17" 200GS monitor
Photoshop 5.5


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