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Re: Can the Epson EX print giclee?

I have been running tests on various plain watercolour papers using the MIS
archival inks. The "coated" watercolour papers for inkjet printers such as
Concord rag and Somerset Velvet definitely give better results in terms of
ink bleed, etc. with this inkset.
However, it is worth experimenting with the regular watercolour papers such
as Arches, Windsor Newton and others. Some images can work really well. I
have found two "postcard" watercolour papers that give interesting results.
They are 4x6 size and come in packages of 15, printed on the back as
postcards. One is made by Canson (140 lb coldpress) and the other by
Strathmore, both US companies. The Canson cards 'bleed' more but the
Stratmore are quite 'crisp'. I am using the Photo Quality Inkjet Paper
setting at 1440 dpi. BTW when I first started testing I was using the Epson
ink. There definitely was less of a problem with ink 'bleed', but since I am
concerned with archival qualities I've decided to standardize with the MIS
Tina Martin
e-mail: timarti@hotmail.com

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