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Re: Epson9000

I was not implying there was anything wrong with the Color Span. I was
really surprised at the size of that monster. It looked like a MAC truck
in comparison to the other printers there. 

I have seen the same output from both machines and my personal
preference was for the 9000. This was a blind test and I did not know
which printer printed the samples until after I selected one. Other
people liked the Color Span Prints. They did have the advantage of more
print heads than the 9000, 12 I think.

If you put the two machines together on quality it is a toss up. If you
do the same thing for price then the 9000 will win everytime. Obviously
if you need large prints then the Color Span 72" will win that contest.
Each machine has its place.

Jim Davis

Richard Auger wrote:
> Jim,
> >Not nearly as large as the Color Span 72 machine. That is one monster of
> >an inkjet printer, and I don't think the output was as good as the 9000.
> I use both and they are closer than you imply.  The Epson does some papers
> better.  I have always been a fan of Epson's printers.  I really like the
> 5000 and now the 9000.  The problem with micro piezo is the crystals.
> There is a limit to how fast they can be oscillated.  Calcomp went out of
> business trying to make the crystal jets work faster.  Almost brought down
> LaserMaster/ColorSpan.  Some companies swear they can get over a 100 sq. ft
> per hour with micro piezo and they can.  But it is so bad, effective speed
> is 30 to 50 sq ft.  The Series XII with a thermal head can run with a top
> speed of 240 sq ft per hour and make an average print.  With jet
> replacement turned on, the ColorSpan will work between 120 and 180 sq ft.
> If I run the XII at 8 passes, it is close to the Epson in print quality.
> Difference in highest quality speed is 15 sq ft for the 9000 at 1440 vs 60
> at 1800 for the XII.  This printer is the fastest of the current crop by
> 3x.  Which is important in high production environment.  Besides dye based
> inks it uses pigmented and no flushing!  The twelve stands for the amount
> different inks are able to be used, CYMK RGBO mMlM mClC, in any
> combination.  The largest gamut of the current inks jets.  It uses a CCD
> camera for exact XY tracking and jet status.  Lays down lots of ink and
> that limits it to better coated surfaces.  The 9000 has a similar problems.
> It is not a matter of which one is better.  Two different types of end
> users.
> Regards,
> Richard Auger
> Rassa Digital
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