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Seeking highest quality 2/c letterhead paper

<x-flowed>Well a long search on the archive failed to help, so here's my question:

What paper have you found that produces the best 2/c (or 4/c) reproduction 
on an Epson 600 for use as a letterhead, #10 envelope, etc.  I'm not 
talking about glossy stock, such as Epson Glossy Film, for photograph 
repro.  I need a stock for letterhead only (unless there is a non-glossy 
stock that reproduces 4/c art and still accepts a pen or pencil as well).

TIA, Howard

Howard M. Paul   Denver, Colorado USA
Photography for Communication and Commerce           Emergency!Stock
hmpaul@ecentral.com  http://www.photofolio.com/paul/
Phone: (303) 829-5678   Fax: (303) 871-8356

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