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VERY Interesting Film Scanner Rumor

For those interested in acquiring images from film for your Epson printing
requirements (see, I'm on topic!), I've recently come across one new product
and one very interesting rumor. To keep you in suspense, I'll give you the new
product info first.

Minolta has announced the release of a new scanner, the Dimage Scan Elite. It's
specs are almost identicle to the Minolta Scan Speed (2820 max. dpi, 3.6
dynamic range, 36 bit color, etc.) save two important additions. It multi
samples up to 16 times, and it includes the Digital ICE technology currently
only found in the Nikon LS-2000. It's street price is roughly $1250. Clearly
Minolta is taking aim directly directly at the LS-2000. You can read more more
about this scanner from the following links:

(click on the digital photography link, then the Minolta link, then the Dimage
Scan Elite link)

Now, the rumor. I recently received a complimentary copy of a very imteresting
magazine that I've never seen before called "Photo Insider". Since it was the
Oct, Nov, Dec issue, I assume it's a quarterly rag. I was impressed with the
content of the articles (but it also contains nudity presented as art which I
didn't appreciate). One of the articles on page 11 entitled "Can Digital and
Traditional Photography Come Together?" included a very interesting rumor.
Jonathan Sweetwood, the author of the article, claims to have heard rumors
about a scanner in R&D that will allow a user to scan "exposed, but unprocessed
film". Think about it, you'd still have to buy film, but as soon as you shot
the roll, you'd pop out the canister, plop it into the scanner, and gain
immediate access to your images. All I can say is I hope its true and if so, I
hope it's a quality unit and not years away from availability.

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Mike Greer
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