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Re: free samples

> This issue sure has caused a lot of irritation. I assume that many folks
> replying to the list just pressed the "reply" button in their respective
> e-mail client.
> In Netscape, pressing the "reply" button to an epson-list message sends
> the reply to the epson-list only. To send it to the original poster (off
> list), the e-mail address of the original poster in his post has to be
> selected, copied, and then pasted into the address field of the reply
> window. Delete the epson-list address in the reply window before pasting
> in the original posters address. To send to both the epson-list and the
> original poster, paste the original poster's address in the second line
> of the address field in the reply window.
> Other e-mail programs have similar alternatives to merely hitting the
> reply button.
> - -- Ben Haskell
I tried to e-mail directly but my letter was
returned and could not be sent to the address listed.
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