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Re: 44" printing limit

i've never used software for this, but isn't there banner software that'll let
you print tractor feed paper several feet long? much longer than 44". I know
that I've seen several banners printed on a cheap printer (i assume) that
approached 6 or 8 foot long, although they may have been spliced once or twice.

if this is the case and was being done several years ago on win95 or 98 i gotta
believe that i should be able to do it on my 3000. but i can't.


Miller Abel wrote:

> Victor Engel wrote:
> > But Epsons (at least those I've worked with) are not plotters, so why do
> we need
> to know anything at 45" when we are processing 0"? The old 9 pin printers
> sent a
> stream to the printer of bitmaps basically per raster. After each raster,
> the
> carriage is advanced. It seems to me current Epsons behave quite similarly,
> whether they are told to or not.
> True enough. The trouble is not with the printers, it is with the graphics
> rendering environment of both Windows and Mac operating systems. Both
> systems require programs to render graphics using drawing primitives within
> a two-dimensional graphics context. The coordinate systems of these
> environments was historically 16-bit limited. The printers simply accept and
> print raster bands.
> Building a program which read a TIFF file and produced ESC/P2 raster
> graphics commands is relatively straight-forward (until you get to color
> management and stochastic dithering!) and would have no height limit. But it
> would not work as a general purpose printer driver that any Windows or Mac
> program could select and print to. For that, it must follow the rendering
> rules of GDI or QuickDraw (or PostScript).
> Miller Abel
> Santa Cruz, CA

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