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Re: Jewelia & Co.

Hmmm, before she/he/it was summarily excommunicated (and/or exorcized)
there was a statement about alternate identities of the (I believe)
red-neck variety.  Perhaps Bubba is associating with some "good old boys"
who aren't quite.   One has to wonder if wraith-like beings are ever truly
de-netified given the potential for perenially altered states (so to
speak).  However, in spite of a similarity in attraction to non-conforming
behavior (of the Epson media/coatings/etc sort) jewelia and I have never
been one (in any sense of the word).  But I did apprecitate the information
on Japanese papers and fibers!  It is possible that ms margeritta macaroon
(or whatever) still inhabits the alt photography (workingpictures) forum at
http://chat.comcity.com/ but I saw no evidence there.

Dan Culbertson

Jim Osmundson wrote:
>Here I was certain Jewelia was your alter ego. Bubba says he knows no one by
>that name. Probably should have traced the e mail routing as we do for some
>clients but I liked her message style so much I didn't bother.

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