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Epson finally admits to pizza wheel problem!

I sent my first Epson 1200 back to Epson due to the pizza track problem
after being told that the 1200 did not have this problem by the customer
support people. Well, of course, the second 1200 had the same pizza wheel
marks as the first.

I called customer support again today and was finally passed on to a higher
level support person.  She finally admitted that the 1200 (and lots of other
Epson printers) do have the problem of causing pizza wheel tracks especially
on the photo paper.  She said that Japan was aware of the problem and
working on a solution, but had no idea when a solution would be in sight.

She did offer to refund my money for the printer, and when I refused offered
to send me a set of ink cartridges for my trouble.  Well, I guess I will
have to take out the wheels or put the spacer washers on the screws holding
the wheel assembly (not sure which way is better, but I was told that either
would void the warranty).

Mark B.

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