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Re: 17x22" from 35 mm? YES !!!!!

> Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 14:12:12 -0400
> From: "Marc B. Sitkin" <mbs@digitalmomentum.com>
> Subject: Re: 17x22" from 35 mm?  YES !!!!!
> You might want to confirm the output sale price. I know that some Lambda
> owners end up selling output for $2-3 a square ft.(for large jobs). 
> At 09:12 AM 10/29/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >Mike:
> >I was over at the Photo Expo in New York yesterday and had a long talk
> >with Zak Bogart at ZBE. They have a digital printer similar to the Light
> >Jet and the Lambda (Technology wise). He said the average going price
> >for large format digital prints is about $17.50 per square foot. Since
> >your cost of materials is around .35 for the paper and .50 for the
> >processing this constitutes a good markup. If you add overhead and pay
> >back on the printer you probably add another $2.00 to $3.00 per square
> >foot. At best your costs would run around $5.00 per square foot.

My local lab in Omaha--Midwest Color--just sent out a mailer that they have
lowered the price of their light-jet prints. On "paper" on quantities of
one, their list shows $29-16x20, $75-30x40, $265-50x96. Of course they also
have their "computer time" for for "file/disk Utilities $60/hr, 1/4 hr min.,
and also "RIP" time at $60/hr.

Their "ink-jet" prints are listed at $25.76--16x20, $96-30x40. No mention of

This is a good reputable lab! No, I don't own a piece of the action. If you
want their toll free number, contact me off list.

John Nollendorfs
JN Photography
Lincoln, NE
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