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Re: Copyright Questions + Gallery Prints + Limited Editions

As per copyright questions I have found myself pretty much covered when I
sign each print with the copyright insignia and the date.  When a print or
painting or cereal box is bought, it is the item itself that is bought, not
the right to copy in any way without explicit legal consent.

It's certainly not the Corcoran, - but happily I have had four prints sold
in the past month in a local gallery way out to sea, here in Nantucket.
Three were printed on the PhotoEX, another was a giclee.....
All the prints in this particular exhibit of mine were digitally printed
**      I might add after about a two-year fight in the art realm here for
acceptance and  exhibition of digitally printed art, not only do I do well,
but all kinds of other photographers and artists have jumped on the
bandwagon and are having, well, just one darned good time!

As per the discussion of the limits of prints, where to draw the line as
far as original art/poster/etc.,  I feel comfortable at this time in
printing a limit of only 5  of one size print on one kind of "paper" to
justify the final product being a piece of art and priced accordingly.
If I print hundreds or thousands of a card-type size, they are labeled as
cards and charged accordingly.  Same for posters, but haven't gone that far

Hope this helps someone.

Smiles, Genevieve

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