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Re: Canvas printing

john ennis wrote:
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> > hi: I'm curous, when you guys talk about printing on canvas, are you printing
> > on the plain fabic or is the canvas covered with gesso? And are you using
> > cotton or linen? And when you say ultrastable what do you mean? is the canvas
> > tightly woven or course? Is it thick or thin?
> Ultrastable is a brand name for a canvas substrate specially prepared for inkjet
> printing. It's thinner than standard cotton duck or linen, and has a glossy
> surface. If your image was scanned from an oil painting, your print will look
> like a varnished painting. You can find out more and inkjetmall.com
> There are other products like this on the market. Mile High (www.accuplot.com)
> carries several. Red River too (www.redriverpaper.com)
> John Ennis
> http://www.voicenet.com/~ennis/
>We carry a flat matte finish That wowed the Epson rep at Siggraph this year. It is flat so you can have the choice of final apperance by the top coat you use. All canvas should be coated after printing.
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