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More on 4 colour Vs 6 colour

<x-flowed>Michael Greer has made a very interesting point (started by John 
Heaton - see below), that when you think about it is  more or less a 
punch in the eye for six color (colour) Epson printers. Remember that 
Epson can demonstrate (in the store, or buying point) superior prints 
from six color printers. What they don't tell you, at least from 
Michael Greer's observations, is that this superiority is fleeting, 
enjoy it "quickly" because one of the "extra" colors; ie light 
magenta, will degrade faster than its parent; i.e. "normal" magenta, 
causing color balance to shift in ways the four color printers will 
(probably?) not. Or not as much. It so happens that the "extra" light 
magenta is a key contributor to skin tones accuracy or fidelity. 
Imagine how Pro photographers are going to represent any digital 
prints they give out (sell) to wedding clients, most prints of which 
are going to be heavy on portrait like composures; i.e. faces of 
people. People may be green with envy at times, but not really green. 
If they turn green (on the print), they may also turn angry, and they 
know your address. I am not sure what the picoliter balance is on 
skin tones; percent red, green, blue (or magenta , cyan, yellow) but 
if it contains "some" cyan and yellow, and the magenta fades linearly 
to white, then the skin tone will turn green. And you can't run a six 
color printer with a four color driver.

Maybe Michael can place some pseudo metric qualifiers on his "hold 
out longer" description.

>It will
>take a 4 ink printer (using Epson OEM inks) longer to fade/shift because the
>"regular strength" magenta will hold out longer than the light magenta used in
>6 ink printers.
>So it's not the printer that causes issues, it's the hue. If all inks faded at
>the same right, then the overall global effect would be less 
>noticeable because
>no shifting would be occuring.
>--- John Heaton <jtheaton@babe.net.au> wrote:
>> G'Day All
>> Some weeks ago I tried to give you the results of a term check on work from
>> the EX and the 3000 relative to longevity, and mine is a very simple test.
>> They just hang on the wall of my studio and are not behind glass in this
>> instance.
>> The reason I am repeating myself is the current discussions on all sorts of
>> inks and paper for the 1200 ( 6 colour), and to be honest I am getting a
>> little concerned about some of the comments coming in about the finish etc.
>> In particular, those of you who are selling prints from the 1200,
>> especially those who use Epson OEM inks and may also apply with untried
> > so-called longevity inks.
>to be around in another 14 months ?????
> >
>> time will tell!
>> So Rafe - will you still be telling all that ask, that the 1200 is a better
>> printer than the the 3000.
>> Theoretically maybe, -  with super dots and 6 cols.
>> In practice - I have'nt sold 1 print from my EX in 4 months without
>> insisting that the buyer understands it must be behind glass at the
>> earliest and i will not replace it beyond 12 months.
>> I aint sold too many!!! but my 3000 4 colours are going well and cheap ink
>> as far as OEM goes.
>> Thoughts Everyone????
>> Will 6 colour outlast 4 colour and what will happen to the 9000/Roland etc.
>> on the 6 colours.
>> John Heaton
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