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Re: Archival Glossy Paper; (ref. Digital Art Supplies Photogloss)


Our(Digital Art Supplies) 170 Photomatte & 180 Photogloss are made by
the Hahnemuhle Paper Mill in Germany, which is a part of the Schleicher
& Scheull Group.  We are now official dealers of the "The HahnemŸhle
Collection of Digital Fine Art Papers".  This collection currently
includes the 170 & 180 photopapers, two 140 gsm linen art papers, a 160
gsm watercolor paper, a 230 gsm watercolor paper as well as the 210, 285
and 310 watercolor papers.  These papers are made to the highest ISO
archival quality standards.

To our knowledge we are the first dealer in the U.S. selling the product
under the manufacturer's Hahnemuhle brand name. If you have any
additional questions, feel free to email me at

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