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RE: Changing ink colors in different lighing comditions

> Subject: Re: Changing ink colors in different lighing comditions
> > > The question is, by now, a lot of you epsoneers must have
> noticed this.
> > > Are you doing anything about it? Can Anything BE done? Do you have
> > > trouble selling your black and white images? This happens
> with Fotonics,
> > > MIS, and Generations archival inksets.
> > >
> > > Thanks.  Jerry
> > NOt so much of a problem with the "E" Lyson inks, but not using glossy
> > either. - Gary
> Gary, I'm not talking Glossy, it happens on ANY paper. The Lyson E inks
> aren't nearly brilliant enough for the work I'm doing.
> Jerry

Hey Jerry -
I predicted that was so (not that hard of a guess!). I was just attempting
to answer the literal question you posed, generally for any others
wondering...The E inks in Somerset Velvet in Black&whites that I do - do not
seem to change colors or tones or demonstrate any significant metamerism
that I have caught so far. If others have please share of course - but it
seems like not very folks are using this ink, which most likely will get the
same longevity ratings thru the Epson's that it does thru the Iris's. Gary

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