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Re: black lines in 3000 prints???? Help!

Hi Donna,
Just went thru this with my 800. As Eddie told me it is definitely the print
heads. After calling Epson Support and going thru the test procedure on the
phone they approve a repair under warranty. I would try an emergency print
at 720...for me this allowed me to print where 1440 printed the lines.
All the techniques I used to try to clear the problem were temporary. It is
some type of head failure problem. My final prints where printing thin black
lines--- even onto the bottom 1/2 inch of the paper...and we know that is
 (BTW the tech person had me open the ink cart clips...shake the black head
and try another print. Still lines persisted and she authorized the repair.
I think I was fortunate that by this time the lines were printing on every
print out I made at 1440. Curiously not at 720. So my tip is to just tell
them that it still prints the lines.)
I also sent them ,as instructed samples of the problem.

The good news - they replaced both color and black and white heads. ( I
think they are a pair on the 800)
The machine prints better then ever.
They had me remove the ink carts for shipping. They will E-mail you
instructions for packing and shipping and a repair authorization number.
I asked what the locations for repair where. It was either EPSON'S Indiana
Repair facility(factory) or a local service center.(Not factory I am pretty
sure) I hinted to her that he factory repair sounded better and she agreed.
They give you an 800 to call UPS for a pick-up.
They give you an account number so UPS bills them for the shipping.
You have to fill in the shipping form when the UPS driver arrives ---REMIND
You will need a copy of your purchase receipt, and the serial number.

They returned the machine with two new carts.
It came back in 6 days. Left Florida on Thursday August 12...returned by UPS
Wednesday , August 16. You must sign for delivery.
They paid the UPS Air Shipping both ways.
They followed up with a customer satisfaction form for me to fax in.

I am pleased and amazed at it all.


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Subject: black lines in 3000 prints???? Help!

> Well, it's my turn to get black lines printing through and to the right
> side of two small prints I'm needing to get done for tomorrow.  The lines
> are random, very thin and begin sometimes about half way though a pass
> across the image, sometimes they don't begin until beyond the image.  I
> finally got one piece to print only a few lines and all the lines outside,
> so I can use it, but the other one is still misbehaving terribly.
> I'm printing a 4" X 5" 360 ppi image @ 1440 dpi on glossy paper 8.5 X 11
> the 3000, auto feed, using the 'centered' position as well as the
> all-the-way-to-the-side position.  Several days ago I printed two of both
> of these images perfectly.  I needed one more of each and began printing
> them tonight. I suddenly began getting the random fine lines.  As is often
> the case, hadn't used the printer for two days and had had it turned off.
> I've gone to the archives but all I'm getting are the black lines
> associated with AOL recently.
> I would be glad of any suggestions.  I've cleaned and restarted and that
> sort of thing.  Thanks for any help!
> Donna
>   Donna Aldridge
>         Aldridge Studios
> Fine Arts~Traditional and Digital Media
>        aldridge@maccore.net
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