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Re: Survivalism vesus accelerated testing.

In a message dated 8/27/99 8:20:03 AM, GRENDELWUF@aol.com writes:

>Has anybody given the though that none of these inks discussed and the
>that are made by them, have not gone the test of time, at least 20 years,
>then you can say with a little more certainty if the inks stand up to the
>test and the prints that are made with them. At this point everybody is
>talking through their hats. There is no lab test, that can accurately prove
>what time will do to a product. As is true in any product, and any thing
>man has made. weather it be an ancient burial site artifact of a 20 year
>black and white movie. Have you people heard that books are burning inside
>there covers. who could have predicted that. Libraries are scrambling to
>there book. Just a thought. It sounds to me that many here for what ever
>personal reason, are trying to sell their brand X version of a product.
Well we could all stock up on canned goods and big guns and go live in 
bunkers in the woods... or we could attempt as best we can to figure what 
causes will deteriorate our images and design to minimize these... its rather 
like a denominational difference, either you are suspicious of all science on 
general principles, and secretly hope Y2K will win, or you attempt to move 
forward as best you can, realizing all technologies are imperfect. 

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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