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Re: why 300 dpi for printing?

>Using that experience I scanned a 6x6 neg. on the Epson at 300 and at
>240 and 150 and printed all from PS.
>All look the same to me.

Boy something is wrong with your technique. you should be scanning at at
least 1500-2000 DPI for a 6x6 negative if you are printing that large.

A 50 Megabyte file isn't large at all for a color image to be printed at
15x11 inches. And they don't take more than about 8 minutes to print on
a 1200. I don't know what you are doing wrong, but something isn't
correct. I hope you are printing at about 240-300 DPI in your printer
settings, and then setting your epson OUTPUT to the 1440 DPI size. Your
FILES aren't huge are they? 40-60 megabytes is about normal.  How much
ram are you giving Photoshop? remember it needs 3 to 5 times as much
memory as your FILE size. 160 megabytes devoted to photoshop should be
your minimum if you want things to go speedy speedy....
>So why does everybody in the know recommend these HUGE files the largest
>of which the 1200 estimated would take 120 minutes to print!

NEVER in all my days did I EVER have a print that took more than about
15-20 minutes to print in that size at 1440 DPI!

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