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Re: New paper(atten: Jerry Olson and all)

>2) His he REALLY going to print 2000 16x20s for his personal use?

Yes he is. I have over a hundred thousand negatives taken over the past
35 years. This is not believable for a landscape photographer?

 2000? He says
>he has that many and he had inferred that with that many images the paper cost
>difference would be significant (and it would). But 2000 prints @ 16x20 inches
>for personal use? I'm sorry, but I find that a little difficult to believe.

I've more or less standardized on the 13x19 size

Why is it so hard to believe? I have another 10 or 20 years to do it. I
have about 2000 very nice pictures that I want to print. Really!  I will
be making montages of a lot of them with other pictures and also new
pictures to come up with more creative things than I could EVER have
done in the darkroom. (Think Jerry Uelsmann) I have all the time in the
world to do it. But NOT all the money in the world. I will sell some of
these images, give some away, rotate them on the wall, and just keep
them to haul out and look at one cold stormy nights. I already have
about 200 13x19 prints, only about 1800 to go.
>The only reason I responded to this thread in the first place in because
>anytime anybody mentioned Lyson/Luminos papers Jerry immediately responded by
>"too expensive" with no qualifications. 

I always said they were too expensive for ME PERSONALLY. NOT if I SELL
the pictures.

Finally, I felt I had to respond
>because I didn't (and still don't) see where $2-$3 difference per 17x22 inch
>sheet makes a whole lot of difference to a person

Well, a sheet of 13x19 inch Media Street Matte Photo Paper is a little
more than 50 cents a sheet. It has a beautiful matte surface, almost
like lambskin, or suede. It is practically identical to the Lyson Photo
Matte Suede Paper, but it is whiter, and I can get higher quality prints
on it than I can on the Lyson paper. It is a brilliant white. It is
NEARLY pH neutral. I have yet to see any fading on it with Fotonic inks,
even in very brilliant light.

A 17x22 sheet of the D.S. matte paper would probably cost in the
neighborhood of a dollar a sheet. A sheet of the Luminos Belgian Linen,
or Museum Parchment is over $7 Dollars a sheet. That's about $6.00 a
sheet more than what I'm using. Damn it, it HURTS to spend that much
money on a piece of paper. I'm a TIGHTWAD, ok?  (but I still like the
best quality I can get). So sue me if I have contradicting points. When
and If I start selling my works, I will use that gloriously expensive
Watercolor that everybody says is so nice. I will actually PAY $5.00 a
sheet for it. and it will hurt me to do it. 

To understand this, you must be somewhat of a tightwad yourself.

Some people will agree, and some won't. Que Sera Sera

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