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re: WiziWYG & Epson driver

Tyler Wrote:

I recently discovered that putting an alias of the Colorsync Profiles
folder into the Epson folder in the extension folder (Whew!) would allow
the driver to see many profiles it wouldn't previously see. I feel more
comfortable using the "space" box however, someone told me it's better
to let Adobe do the conversion than Epson.
Don't know if this will work with EZ or WiziWYG generated profiles

Thanks for the additional info. Though I have heard that some early
versions of the Epson drivers expected only certain profile names, our
Epson 3000 driver can see all of our custom profiles (we saved them in
the ColorSync Profiles folder with all the rest). The trouble is that
the Epson drivers have certain limited expectations about what might be
discovered while processing a profile. Their implementation appears to
be only complete enough to support their own custom profiles (and any
other custom profile that was built according to the same limitations)
but can not process all ICC compliant profiles.

The ICC standard is quite broad in what it allows both in bit-depth of
the data and in the number of data samples. The Epson profiles are quite
small compared to other higher-quality profiles I have inspected. Still
haven't figured out exactly what ICC feature the Epson drivers are
having trouble with though. Epson will probably eventually get around to
fixing this. Custom profiling is certainly becoming more mainstream, but
still hasn't caught on with Epson's consumer market.

Miller Abel
Santa Cruz, CA
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