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Re: Guardian Paper /MILE HIGH ink

MileHiJudy@aol.com wrote:
> John I am out of the office for a few days.  I am not sure which inks we sent
> you, but if they were the Encad inks, no they are not archival at all, they
> are just regular dye based inks.  When I get back I will check to see what
> was sent, but if it faded that fast I don't think it could have been archival
> inks.
> Thank you for the testing on your Guardian paper, this paper seems like it is
> going to be quite a hit.
>     Have a colorful day
>     Judy

You did not send us the ink. When I was in LA a few weeks ago for
Siggraph, I stopped in to see a cust./friend of mine who uses your ink
on our papers. I asked for some sample prints, on our GUARDIANú paper,
done with your EPSON 3000 archival inks and your SWOP inks for ENCAD.

I found out last night that the SWOP inks are not ment to be archival.
It did suprise me that they seemed to hold up very well in simulated
dark storage. However, the light stability was no so hot. 

On the other hand your EPSON archival inks on our GUARDIANú paper seem
to be made for each other. I just checked about 10 minutes ago and both
the excellerated aging and light stability test prints still look like
new. The test prints  have been under the light for 42 hours, and in the
aging chamber for 58 hrs.  The test light is a 2200 watt 380 nanometer
wavelength High Arc Mercury Vapor Lamp that is  2.25" from the print.
The aging chamber is designed to simulate 1 month of age per .5 hour of
exposure. It was designed originally for blueprint paper but it should
give us a good idea on the inkjet.
John Goerger
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