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Re: Is Inkjet printing as bad as it sounds?

>Could somebody explain to me what I'm missing.  Are the fading reports
>totally exaggerated?  Do they only happen with cheap paper and cheap ink?
>Is there some other explanation?
>Thanks, Al

 Since I am a novice in the printing world, I cannot answer anyone's
questions; however, I can tell you of my experience with Epson Stylus Color
Pro 500 printer, using Epson inks.  I have printed out hundreds of digital
paintings over the last three years and none of them have faded.  Neither
those in frames with glass or those in files. I've used Matte Finish Photo
Paper, Kodak glossy paper, plain paper, water color paper and canvas paper,
This probably doesn't prove a thing, but maybe someone can use it
Then, again, of course, my eyes and memory may be  at fault, but to date no
one else has noticed a change.
For what it is worth,
Mary H.


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