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Re: Epson Stylus Color 900 with USB (Windows 98)

I'm using an Epson stylus photo 1200 on USB.  I was having problems and at
first thought the problems had to do with the way I installed the software
(didn't follow the directions exactly to the letter).  But then after
receiving a fix from Epson tech support and it still didn't work, I
unplugged the Epson from the USB hub and plugged it directly into the USB
port on the motherboard.

I did this last night and was able to print perfectly.

I think my particular problem is in using the Trendnet TU-730 10 port USB

When I look at my device manager the hub looks fine, and says device is
working properly now, but when the printer was plugged into it, first it
worked, then the next day, it was "exclamation pointed"

I haven't wasted my time after the first half hour trying to get it to work.
I am pretty disgusted that I believed the hype about "plug & play for up to
127 devices" and invested my money in USB peripherals - I have 3 USB
peripherals and only two direct ports.  But at least I don't have to worry
about bending pins when I plug and unplug the USB ports.

Either that or go back to using the parallel port with my ABCD manual
switchbox (yuck!)

Are you plugged into the USB directly or through a hub?


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From: David Couche <david.couche@sawater.sa.gov.au>

> I'm having similar problems with my 740 on USB. Just got a new PC. On the
old PC, the printer shared the parallel port with a scanner. On the new PC,
I'm trying to run it on the USB port.
> >
> >>> Bob Norton <rlnorton@pacbell.net> 25/08/99 13:24:50 >>>
> Just got an Epson Stylus Color 900 and plugged it into the
> USB port on my Windows 98 computer using "Plug and Pray."
....> Is anybody actually doing any printing on Epson ink jet
> printers using USB?

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