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Re: PS working space

In a message dated 8/24/99 11:58:23 PM, mfamo@concentric.net writes:

>I am using a 1200 and PS 5.  "Adobe 98 RGB" has been recommended as the
>best PS "working" space.  However, when I go to my RGB setup in PS 5 my
>choices include monitor RGB, sRGB, Apple RGB, CIE RGB, and Color Match
>RGB, but there is no sign of Adobe 98 RGB.  What is my problem, so to speak?
First you need to distinguish between your monitor settings and your RGB 
workingspace, once  you are clear on that (which you may be already but many 
users are not) then select a workingspace from the list. If you are using PS 
5.0 then AdobeRGB is hiding under a name starting wiht SMPTE and ending with 
a number...  upgrading to 5.0.2 or later will rename this space AdobeRGB 
1998. Either way is fine, as the profiles are recognized interchangably. 
There are a couple other minor reasons for downloading the free upgrade, but 
cleaning up this workingspace naming issue is high on the list.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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