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Re: A plea for help

> Michael Flaherty wrote:
> Hi,
> We are a group of volunteer physicians who are concerned with indigent
> foreign patients in several countries who have craniofacial
> abnormalities.  We take pictures of these patients and show them
> to specialists back in the USA who act as consultants. To save money
> we would like to print these pictures ourselves to send to the
> consultants for review.  To this end, we bought an Epson 1200, but
> have been having problems getting optimal output (mainly too dark.)
> Color and detail are crucial for this type of patient care.
> Would any of the "experts" out there be willing to walk us through the
> process via email.  It would be of great service to us.  We are using
> Win 98 and a Photosmart S20 scanner.
> Thanks.
> Mike
> mfamo@concentric.net

A question here: Why would you not take these pictures on one of the
better digital cameras and send the file to your specialists in the
states. The overall cost would be less in the long run and the
information would get to your specialists a lot faster.

When the files get here in the states the specialists could then print
out the images if they so desire or view the images on their computer

This is just a question because I don't have all the related information
that went into the decision of your original request.

Jim Davis
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