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Re: Guardian Paper [WAS:Siggraph Studio]

J. Arthur Davis wrote:

> I would have liked to see some report on how your new Guardian paper
> worked. As you know the samples that you sent me to test were absolutely
> top notch. I used my 3000 and Lysonic E inks to make the prints. The
> quality of the images reminded me of the old Kodak Ektalure fiber based
> paper. The quality was some of the best I have seen coming off a heavy
> weight watercolor coated paper.
> If anyone is printing photographs and want to produce a print that
> reminds them of the old days in black and white photography I really
> think they should try some of the Guardian paper.
> One thing I would suggest they do is have a set of profiles made for the
> ink, printer combination they use. I feel the quality will improve even
> more.
> Good luck with this new paper.

Thanks for the compliment on the GUARDIANú paper.  The sample prints you
made for us arrived today. You do good work, I have seen lots of prints
done on inkjet paper and you can usually find some defect in the output,
An out of focus scan or picture from the original or some other artifact
in the printed output usualy shows up. I could not  find anything wrong
with the samples you sent me. 

Our Lysonic E ink showed up today so I will not be subjecting your
beautiful work to destructive testing. We are going to flush the OEM ink
out of the 3000 today and start testing the Lysonic E on our papers

The initial results on the MILE HIGH ink were mixed. However, It seems I
may have been wrong and the ENCAD ink was not ment to be archival, JUDY
if you are read this maybe you can comment on that. The ENCAD ink from
MILE HIGH has preformed very good on the aging test so far. We see no
deterioration after simulating 12 years of dark storage. The paper still
looks as white as fresh paper and we can see no noticable difference in
the print itself. However, on the light test after 16 hours there is
very noticable fading in every color and lesser although very apparent
fading in the black ink. But, like I said I'm not sure its ment to be

Now for the good news, on the EPSON 3000 ink from Mile High we are
seeing VERY PROMISING results. The dark storage and light exposure tests
shows NO CHANGE after 24 hours in the aging chamber and 16 hours of
being subjected to the light. REMINDER the light is 2200 watts at 380
nanometers and is  2.25 inches  from the print. We do not know the LUX
of the lamp. We will save that for when we move onto 3rd party
independent testing.

We are going to stop each test after 1 week, or sooner, if it is
apparent that they will not work as archival solutions.  The ones that
make it through our tests will be submitted for 3rd party evaluation.
John Goerger
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