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Re: Why don't Epson produce their own archival inks? (Was RE:New - " Somerset Photo Enhanced" is now arriving)

At 04:47 PM 8/24/99 +0930, David Couche wrote:


>The only time I've noticed fading is if I deliberately put the picture in
the sun to see what happens. Pictures inside in frames >don't seem to fade
at all. Neither do pictures pinned to my wall at work. I think they (Epson)
have done a great job.

This has been my experience as well.
I've been printing almost exclusively on
Epson Photo Paper, using Epson inks.

I now have prints, made on my original
Stylus Color 600, that are nearly two
years old.  They're all stored in the
dark, in binders and plastic sleeves.  
None show any fading that I can detect.

I have framed prints that have been on
the walls for about 4-6 months at a time.
Again, no discernable fading.

This is, of course, "anecdotal" evidence,
but the point is -- for ordinary use, and
with reasonable care, Epson prints have
plenty of life in them.

rafe b.

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