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Re: Why don't Epson produce their own archival inks? (Was RE: New - " Somerset Photo Enhanced" is now arriving)

There's more evidence that Epson is researching archival inks. They
showed a lot of interest in the Epson 9000 / Fotonic combination I'm
told. Whether they will produce inks themselves is another matter.
If they cooperate with an ink manufacturer it will be a larger factory
like Ilford I presume. The could get a license to fabricate Fotonic inks
of course.

It is unlikely that Epson will use pigment inks for that purpose as
their market is somewhat different, it also could be restricted by
agreements with Mutoh and Roland about the use of pigment inks.

The interest of Epson doesn't have to end in production or marketing.
If Epson states that certain inks will not harm the heads and are
approved, the ink industry will pay for that guarantee.

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