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Epson 9000 or Roland HiFi Jet

My phone has been down so here is a "late" reply. 

 I assumed that the Epson 9000 would look sharper because it would be less
grainy because of the droplet size differences.  So far, the Roland output on
both roland media and the lyson watercolor using either the bundled RIP or the
BestColor RIP on several different machines has outperformed the Epson 9000
output which I finally saw on epson media I saw at SIGGRAPH.  I had assumed
that this would be impossible.

I've come to the conclusion that the choice of RIP and how it is used is the
crucial factor.  The gamut of the Roland is also very good on roland media or
the lyson media.   If anyone trys to sell you a RIP, give it the side by side
to the Roland samples.  There can be a huge difference even if both are
printed at 1440.  The BestColor is superb.

The epson 9000 at SIGGRAPH was swaying back and forth in double or triple
oscillation to the pass of the print head mechanism while printing due to it's
light construction.  Perhaps the demo unit is a prototype but I look at it as
a real problem with metal fatigue and electrical connections that will age. 
The Roland is rock solid.

Hope that this helps.  Get some Roland samples from Roland.  Then you can do
the eyeball it in person test.  BestColor has a demo RIP that you can request
that will drive the Roland.  http://www.bestcolor.com is their url.


> Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 18:03:14 -0700
> From: "Don Wiechec" <travcam@earthlink.net>
> Subject: Epson 9000 or Roland hifijet
> I would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience on the Epson 9000 or
> Roland's Hifijet.  I am going to buy one or the other and am especially
> interested in subjective reactions about the "look" of the print on their
> best grade of paper.  How do these printers handle smaller prints, say 16 X
> 20 ?  I know there is a big difference in nozzle size but how does it seem
> to the eye?  As I look at each brand it seems to me the Roland's big
> attraction is the pigmented ink.  The Epson is cheaper and sharper but the
> prints are more fugitive.  What else?  How's their service?  Do you know of
> problems with either machine?  This is a big purchase for me, and I'd like
> to hear any comments.  I've been a Cibachrome printer for many years and
> have made adjustments for longer scale and refined colors.  I will be
> seeking the same (tho different) from these machines.
> Thanks, this is generally an informed and helpful membership.
> Don Wiechec,
> travcam@earthlink.net
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