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Re: Why don't Epson produce their own archival inks?

<x-flowed>Daniel Salzedo <Daniel@rimasystem.com> wrote:
>However, let no one on this list forget that this lack of development by
>Epson has led to the current, highly competitive third-party market we
>enjoy. If Epson had a full range of archival inks and papers and full
>color-managed driver support, how many of these companies would survive? How
>much choice does an Alps user have in buying inks and papers?

OPEN architecture IS the beauty of the Epson design -- its unique 
Piezo technology allows for third party support because its heads are 
a PERMANENT part of the printer -- with the ink cartridge sitting on 
top of those Piezo heads.  Whereas the other printer companies (HP, 
Canon and Lexmark) all use "bubble" (thermal) jet technology to 
"boil" out the ink.  Every time they replace one of their cartridges, 
they are also replacing their HEADS (more expensive, too)!  HP will 
NOT allow third party companies to license, manufacture and put ink 
in their patented cartridge design.  Epson has "looked the other way" 
while smaller, 3rd party companies have manufactured compatible 
cartridges and filled them with ink.  This "open" system has been the 
driving force behind Epson's popularity and adaptability.

Which makes you wonder how more dominate Macintosh would have been in 
the computer world if Apple had been more open with their OS.   ;-)

    Royce Bair, Director
    The Stock Solution - "Inkjet Art Solutions" Division
	The new "Somerset Photo Enhanced" in arriving!

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