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Ultrastable and etc.

Hi Donna:

I understand you are now an Ultrastable/Lysonic ink user. Under separate
cover Charles forwarded the GLOWING eMail you sent re Lysonic/Ultrastable.
I tend to greatly agree!

I love this combination and I've gone through something like 250 sheets of
11x17 and Lysonic since March. Indeed in some instances the way I approach
my work is adapting to this very beautiful rich painterly combination of

I don't know if you've noticed I have a smallish 10-20% problem that I've
posted about separately. This is a persistent problem and I've been
thankful for both Charles' new interest in solving it and Jon's continued
interest. I'll admit to being somewhat at fault for letting some of it go
with Jon for a while - Let me chalk it up to being busy, needing inventory,
no other potential solution that had impending promised results (now
delayed a lot) and that I could bury the 10-20% in COGS. BTW Jon the
Gaussian didn't work.... and I DO need to solve this problem.

Well anyway let me know if you have similar type problems. Any of you CC:'s
leben list for example, please let me/us know of similar problems and any
solutions you may have! 

So Jon BTW has a pretty good example of a successful print of image MOD20
also found at http://www.oliverart.com/modelsn/mod6mod.shtml  on
ultrastable/lysonic if anyone is interested and he will permit you to stop
by and see it.  (gee traveling portfolio hint, hint, hint) Thanks Jon for
all your help!

I'm sending Charles a problem example of MOD30 (actually I'll send the
gausain blur version suggested by Jon) at
http://www.oliverart.com/modelsn/mod8mod.shtml along with some background
stuff. BTW I'm not counting this print as part of the 25 prints max I'm
going to print of the image and have marked it as such. Just for grins and
proof that it does work and really beautifully I'll probably include
another print.... Hmmm maybe someone would like to stop by Charles' for the
traveling portfolio if He'll permit it????? (hint, hint)

Ok so unless it gets too much of an imposition, I'd be happy to have list
members stop by and say hi - send private eMail if San Jose CA is an
interesting location for you.


At 02:39 PM 8/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello Oliver,
>The more information that is shared the better/easier our tasks will
>be.  By all means get in touch with Ms Aldridge (if you wish) as she may
>have some ideas that may be helpful in identifying and correcting the
>problems you are having. In any event, her testimony was unsolicited and
>my guess is that she would be happy to hear from you.
>Best regards,
>Charles Berger
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