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printing resolution

I have my new (refurb) 3000 set up and several of you have said I will get 
the sharpest output if I print at 1440 dpi. I printed one thing that I'd 
scanned at 600 dpi, and it looked quite good. But o get the BEST results, it 
sounds like I should scan a picture at a multiple of 72, am I right? So I 
should scan at 720 (or 360)?  Note: I now have a number of Photoshop images 
on disk that I've scanned at 600 dpi or created at 600 ppi. Do I need to 
rescan them at 720 (or 360), or can I downsample from 600 to 360 and then 
print at 1440 without loss of detail? If someone can answer this, it will 
save me a lot of work.
Many thanks as always,
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