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Two Epsons, one Mac G3

Me again, I've now got both my Epsons (old 800, new refurb 3000) plugged into 
a PortXpander and thence into my Mac G3. If I want to switch printers, I have 
to choose the other port in the PortXpander and then choose the other printer 
in the Chooser. Sometimes I have to "rechoose" repeatedly, because the Mac 
does not recognize the printer I have chosen. Also, when I shut down the 
computer, I have to FIRST shut down BOTH printers, or else the printer power 
lights flash after the computer is shut down and the printer proceeds to 
print endless test sheets that say "pppp`ppp`ppppppp`` pppppp," etc.  On the 
other hand, if I shut the printers off before shutting down, when I reboot 
the computer and turn the printers back ON, they do an entire prime cycle 
each time. Seems like this is a waste of ink and energy and time. Does anyone 
have the same setup as me and know what to do, or can anybody offer an idea 
to avoid this situation? I would like to leave both printers on all the time, 
but that now seems impossible.
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