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Re: Studio Lighting

ILLUMINALL@aol.com wrote:

Can anyone make any recommendations

> for other lighting >>
> My favorite viewing light solution costs only about one seventh as much as
> the GTI desktop lightbox with dimmers, takes up no desk space, doesn't
> flicker, and has colorimetrically better quality light, as well as good
> color temperature, but it is not very useful for viewing transparencies.

    This is actually an excellent suggestion for lighting (and since it was made
before in this list, I went out and bought a bunch of it for some areas of the
    The only drawback is that it can produce some very hard light with hard-edge
shadows and some very crispy specular highlights off reflective surfaces
(typical of a small light source a relatively large distance from the surface,
it becomes more like a point light source than a broad).  In some long-term use
environments it can produce some eyestrain. In a situation like this, it's a
good idea to use a number of these bulbs overhead, or add some that are bounced
off ceiling or walls to fill those hard shadows and soften the overall lighting.


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