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Re: comments on unreleased Profiling software

I don't feel I should be commenting on this product yet, but 
Andrew Rodney just posted the following to a public list, so here's a forward 
of it... <G>

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative


>It seems there is another contender coming out among low(er) cost color
>management products. Praxis will be showing WYSIWYG at Seybold which will
>apparently have a $79 version, sans instrument, and a version with
>instrument for about $599. Given the quality of their other stuff this
>should be worth a look. I know at least one of you out there has already
>been testing this but I won't have my target till tommrrow so I'm wondering
>if anyone would care to comment on it.

I've been testing it for about 2 months or so. I guess I can comment 
since you have already mentioned it. It's awesome! I've tested it with 
several Epson printers. Used both a VERY inexpensive scanner (Umax 1200) 
and a very good scanner (Flextight) and both profiles were amazingly 
good. How good? Well in some cases superior to profiles I made measuring 
a few hundred patches using a DTP-41! I've only tested the beta I have 
with a scanner although the more expensive package you mention will use 
other spectraphotometers I'm told. I also made an excellent display 
profile using a DTP-92 which the product supports among others. The 
interface is very easy to use and in some cases superior to MonacoEZ (in 
the latter package, it was always difficult to find the corners to 
select; in WYSIWYG, you get a nice blow up and can click EXACTLY in the 
right place. If that's not enough, I actually made some pretty good 
digital camera profiles using the product. Just photograph the target. 
It's this target I'm sure that makes a big difference in the quality. 
It's really accurate with the supplied TDF file (I'm not sure about the 
other mass produced targets I've tested to make profiles using scanners 
or for cameras). 

I had a fellow "across the pond" running an Epson 1200 and a PC print me 
out the target and I made him a profile to test. He was astounded with 
the quality. I haven't tried the product with a dye sub or something like 
a Fuji Pictrography 3000 nor CMYK devices (which this product does 
support). For ink jet's like those from Epson, the profiles are very 

This is a very exciting package that I hope will get more entry level 
users into the CMS fold. For any Epson printer (and other ink jet's I'm 
sure), it's a must have. 

Andrew Rodney 
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