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Re: Quad black - help!

For what it's worth, here's a review of the 1200 at my site which also has a
'curve' which you can load up in Photoshop for black and white printing. As I
don't own a 1200, I can't tell you whether it works, though some readers have
said it does. Here's the link

remembers, paper and inkset combo 'determines' the color cast so once you have
found the "answer" (ie correct method/setting) for one combination, you'll have
to start again once you change paper/inksets. Also one final point to note:-
viewing conditions also affect the color cast that you may observe..eg printouts
under daylight differ in outlook to those viewed under halogen lamps, for



Stuart Redler wrote:

> Dear everyone who got back to me regarding my problems printing B&W via my
> 1200. I'm trying everything suggested and will let you know what happens.
> Stuart

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