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Re: Epson use in dental offices

ring flashes are currently available from digislave...

david l. morel

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Sent: Sunday, August 22, 1999 7:14 PM
Subject: Re: Epson use in dental offices

> Jim,
> Most (or at least all the medical/dental I have had experience with)
cameras for
> use in the medical field are ones with a ring flash.  This type of flash
> usually surround the lens being used and is made of one single circular
> tube or several flash tubes/bulbs.  This gives an even coverate lighting
> eliminates most shadows.  I have yet to see a ring flash setup for digital
> cameras other than ones for the very high end SLR digital cameras (like
> Nikon/Kodak or the Fujix) that are like the 35mm counterparts that can
attach to
> the lens and are activated from the camera's hot shoe.
> The off-center flash units of non-medical use (consumer) digital cameras
may not
> light correctly, not light at all or give very unflattering or deceiving
> that are not representative of the subject area being photographed.  Room
> lighting (from fluorecent which is greenish and incandecent which is
> yellowish/redish) for most cases will not do as many times in medical
issues the
> color of the site photographed is the key concern for diagnosis (unless
you are
> doing this out in natural light and can use reflectors/difusers to get
> accurate results).  These should be the first concern of the medical
> professional.
> Second is the longivity issue as pointed out in a previous reply post.
> various forms (such as carbon or carbonless forms), as well as other
> related items associated with medical/dental office environments off-gas
> chemicals that can definitely degrade, destablize dyes and stain prints
used for
> recording patient injuries and repairs, etc.  Even medical professional
> of handling proceedures (such as not washing hands after using/mixing
> or chemicals/drugs/instuments and handling prints or forms that are or
will be
> in contact with prints) can do it's damage.
> I see an alternative to using inkjet prints, and that is using a Polaroid
> digital printer, which takes the digital info and prints it out onto
> instant prints.  This way if the medical professional uses a digital
> solution that records the image accurately (be it using a ring flash
solution or
> not) they can then print out a hard copy, keep the digital info copy for
> records (which can be more than just the one image used for the hard copy
> 1's and 0's are cheap to store) and for very short term use print an
> enlargement if they so choose.  This solution gives the medical
professional and
> the other entities (insurance co's, hospitals, lawyers, patients, etc) the
> longevity of traditional photographic images with the flexablility of
> media and outputs.
> Gabe
> Jim Osmundson wrote:
> > Has anyone had experience with a digital camera and an Epson Photo
Stylus in
> > a dental office? One of my dental marketing clients wants to get away
> > the expensive Polaroid set up she is using to send along a 4" x 6"
> > to the insurance companies for claims purposes.
> >
> > My experience so far with digital cameras is that to get one that can
> > a good macro lens one is in the $5,000 and up range which is much more
> > her present Polaroid set up. No doubt the Epson printer would give a
> > graphic rendering once the file is downloaded into their Mac.
> >
> > Any thoughts on equipment actually in use would be appreciated.
> >
> > Jim
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