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Re: Photo 750 - Win 98 - PSP

At 08:45 AM 8/22/99 -0700, Bev wrote:
>Replies to Bob and Rob...
>**** Included text from Robert Snow or Rob Geraghty:

>>Are you printing it exactly the same size?  Are the "actual size"
>>settings the same?
>At first I was printing mine larger, but when I switched to the same size,
>it didn't make much of an improvement.

Might be a clue here, too, as to another possible reason for apparent
sharpness difference.  If you upsized the file to print it larger, and then
downsized the same file again (rather than printing the second, smaller
print from the original smaller file) you have interpolated twice, which
will reduce the detail in the file, especially if the upsizing and
downsizing are to dimensions which aren't multiples of each other.   For
instance, to double check this, I took a picture at a typical web
resolution of 72ppi, and upsized it in Photoshop to 130ppi, and then back
down to 72ppi.  When compared at 200% magnification onscreen, the
up-and-down-sized image is noticeably less sharp.

Mitch V.

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