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Photo 750 - Win 98 - PSP

Hello, everyone! I'm new to the Epson list, but I've been subscribed to the
leben digicam list a few times over the past year (but not currently).

Recently bought an Epson Stylus Photo 750. It's my first photo printer. I'm
using Windows 98 and usually print from PaintShop Pro 5. 

A friend of mine has an Epson Photo 700. She prints from PhotoShop and is
using a Mac. When we print the exact same image, her prints are always
sharper from her 700 than mine are from the 750. I just discovered tonight
that if I sharpen my images a bit before printing, then they look
acceptably sharp. 

I'm using Epson Photo Paper (so is my friend). I've tried the thin photo
paper and the thicker stuff. No difference in result. Paper type is set to
Photo Paper.

If anyone has experienced this sharpness issue, or perhaps is using the
same combination of printer-OS-software that I'm using, I'm interested in
any comments you might have, such as what settings you use.

Another thing I noticed today is that when I use the thick photo paper, I
get little imprints of the paperfeed wheels on the image. I haven't tried
adjusting the thickness lever on the printer yet because I didn't think the
Epson Photo Paper was considered "extra thick".

Thanks for reading this and for any insight you can give.

Bev Parks

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